Facts & Myths

Facts about window film:

  • Reject up to 82% of the suns solar energy.
    That means that the temperature is a lot more balanced and the room becomes usable again and your plants will survive too.
  • Reduce glare.
    Enjoy reading your paper without wearing sunglasses or squinting and giving yourself eye strain and a headache. Window film can reduce glare by 80% or more.
  • Enjoy a clear view out with the benefit of privacy.
    Do you feel like you’re sitting in a gold fish bowl with everyone watching you, window films will give you the privacy to feel comfortable in your home throughout the day.
  • Reduce fading of furnishing and skin damage.
    Our window films block out 99%* of the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays protecting your belongings and reducing the risk of skin cancer for you and your family, that includes your sun loving pets. *(98% on Clear UV Film)
  • Save energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.
    Gas and electricity prices are rising all the time, window films reduce the need to use air conditioning and fans and can reduce heat loss through glazing by up to 55% thus reducing your heating costs. You can see pay back on your investment within a few years.
  • No specialist maintenance or extra cleaning.
    Unlike blinds, the films are fitted directly onto the glazing so they don’t collect dust and insects or need to be periodically tensioned. They can be cleaned just as normal with soapy water and a soft cloth.
  • Enhanced appearance.
    Give uniformity to your home or office, interior decor and furnishings in different rooms can make your property look messy from the outside, window films make all your windows look the same and give a much smarter appearance.
  • Increase safety. 
    Vandalism, environmental hazards and accidents can cause glass to break and can become very dangerous. Window films act as a “safety net” by holding shattered glass together.

Myths about window film:

  • It will make my room dark.
    Due to Visual Acuity – when the human eye adjusts to its light surroundings and stabilizes sight enabling unrestricted sight at various light levels. You’ll find that you’ll actually have more natural light entering the room because you won’t need to close the blinds or curtains anymore.
  • Window films only come in shiny silver or black like on cars.
    Wrong! We have lots of shades and neutral colours and with new film technology you can have 50% solar energy rejection from a very light tint. People generally don’t know that you have had window films fitted until you tell them; you should see the look on their faces.
  • Window films are a new fad and aren’t proven.
    Window films have been around for years and have even been in the UK for decades. They are used all over the world and you are likely the see them on a high street near you protecting window displays or adding safety and security to glazing.
  • Anyone can install window films.
    Mmm! That’s why that car you pulled up behind at the traffic lights last week had a crinkled bubbly mess on its back window. Lots of people have tried to install film themselves and failed at great cost. Our installations are carried out to Glass and Glazing Federation guidelines and carry comprehensive manufacturer warranties of up to 10 years.
  • My roof is plastic so you can’t fit film to it.
    We can install film to most types of polycarbonate roofs. The roof is often the largest area which in turn can let most of the heat in or out. It can also have more glare than a glass roof due to internal reflections within the corrugated panels.
  • I already have blinds so I don’t need window films.
    Window films complement blinds very well and will even extend their life by protecting them from the sun, but sadly normal blinds only reject about 17% of the suns energy. They’re great for window dressing but not great for keeping things cool.
  • All Automotive Window Film is illegal.
    Not true; after the law change in 2004 the front doors and windscreen can’t have a tinted window film installed less than (70% light tint) but all other windows can be dark as you like.